Sydney Vergis

Sydney Vergis, AICP, Senior Planner 

Ms. Vergis is a Senior Planner with transportation and environmental planning experience in both the private and public sector. She has specific expertise in transportation technology and policy planning, and is completing her master’s degree on these subjects from University of California Davis.  Her research work includes evaluating carbon registry practices of developing publicly available greenhouse gas emissions reports for member businesses and municipalities, to explore ways to make meaningful comparisons between companies and to evaluate an individual company’s greenhouse gas reduction measures over time. Sydney also worked on a long-term study for the California Department of Transportation to analyze various California sea level rise scenarios and develop a GIS-based analysis of impacts on road, air, and port infrastructure. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and a member of the Yolo County Planning Commission.  She is a resident of Davis, California, where she serves as the Central Valley representative for Planwest Partners.  Sydney has written articles on bicycling, including “Nurturing our Culture of Bicycling,” for the Davis Enterprise (2010), and works with bicycle groups to improve cycling in Yolo County. 

Sydney’s expertise includes preparing the mobility components of Planned Resource Management programs. She is knowledgeable about the management efficiencies associated with moving goods, services and people and provides a informed perspective on ways to reduce mobility costs.   She is presenting her master’s thesis work on transportation technology at the first 2012 American Planning Association National Conference capstone session in Los Angeles.