We are a reliable and respected source of planning expertise to our clients and the community and provide balanced, equitable, and insightful professional services that respond to dynamic circumstances, create opportunities for growth, and cultivate successful relationships for our mutual benefit and future prosperity.

Our Values

In our planning practices, we integrate and balance:

Community & Business

We are responsive to client and community needs through our ability to identify and analyze complex issues, engage in collaborative problem-solving, and develop context-sensitive solutions. We demonstrate the value of planning as an indispensible tool for communities and businesses.

Process & Content 

We are committed to facilitating inclusive and collaborative processes that are informed and supported by integrated content solutions. We believe in tailoring every plan to meet individual client needs.

Environment & Economy

We help our clients move toward a prosperous future by demonstrating how communities, businesses, and organizations all profit from a healthy environment.

Innovation & Tradition

We help our clients respond and adapt to changing conditions by incorporating new technologies and innovative practices while drawing on traditional strengths and community character.