Welcome to Planwest Partners, Inc.

Planwest Partners specializes in community, land use, environmental, and economic planning services. Since 1997, we have assisted city, county and tribal governments, special districts, non-profits, transportation planning agencies and private industry in achieving their planning and management goals. Our multi-disciplinary staff comprised of — planners, economists, resource and services specialists, facilitators, spatial analysts, grant writers, and administrators — offer the professional skills necessary to take projects from concept to actualization.

Community Planning

Planwest Partners provides a full range of planning services readily adaptable to different plan, project types, schedules and budgets. Services include preparing long-range, strategic and action plans, implementation and monitoring programs, and designing engaging community processes that help our clients achieve their objectives. Our team is passionate about producing positive solutions that reflect broad-based community support, full regulatory compliance, and sound natural resource stewardship.


Project Management

Planwest Partners project management services support you by leading complex processes and using creative approaches for successful projects. Our team knows how to efficiently organize and effectively apply resources needed for project completion, from permitting and environmental review, to outreach and community engagement. We excel at building close client and community relationships, applying our expertise to augment in-house capabilities to expedite projects.


Staffing Services

Local governments and organizations frequently turn to Planwest for staffing services. Due to local government size and budget objectives, contract planners are frequently more cost effective than maintaining in-house staff positions. In addition, fluctuating workloads, agency backlogs, grants and special projects can be effectively managed with contract staff. Whether you need temporary help, particular expertise, or an entire team, we have the staff to fit your organization’s needs.